Exhaust from the Tin Woods


Exhaust from the Tin Woods‘ is an alternate reality that could be identified as steampunk.

Eric’s new novel launched in April 25, of 2017 on, Amazon and Kobo.





Here is what one reviewer, Bill Erlenbach, from B.C. Canada has to say, before the release of the novel:

“‘Exhaust from the Tin Woods’ is a quirky, compelling read. Eric Kregel brilliantly suspends reality, leaving the reader wondering who really wrote it and why? It left me oddly off balance and insatiably curious as to the rest of this truncated story set in an almost familiar world. It was like reading a fragment of an ancient scroll that leaves one hanging on a roller coaster that almost made it to the top, the mad race down the rickety track teasingly out of reach. It is a frustratingly well-played ploy to leave the reader craving for more of the tale. This is however, more than just a simple story, there is an intriguing social commentary underlying Eric Kregel’s steam punk world. Sorry, no spoilers. Even if steam punk isn’t your go to genre – it isn’t mine – read it.


By Nathan Robert Carroll, from Alberta, Canada, April 2017, he says:

Review of “Exhaust from the Tin Woods”

“‘Exhaust from the Tin Woods’ is an imaginative romp into a world creatively assembled out of what feels like spare historical, geographical and literary parts. Kregel’s steampunk tale centres around Brambley Williams, an orphan that joins a cadre of other young students under the tutelage of an industrial and scientific mastermind, Dr Pieter Van Allbrung, in a hidden steam-powered mansion deep in the Canadian wilderness. This Dickens-esque ensemble story is filled with eccentric characters, quirky scenarios and quick, witty dialogue. Amidst the unique assembly of extravagance and fantasy, Exhaust is held in balance by surprisingly rich commentaries on matters of humanity, heart and faith which are skillfully woven throughout the fast-moving story. All-in-all, this novel is sure to provide a pleasant ride to all who climb aboard and hang on!